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Luke CLerkin

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Known for his euphoric live performances, deep but catchy music, and his extraordinary work ethic, Luke Clerkin is an artist to be reckoned with. With a career that has seen him famously play over 250 gigs in 2015, gain international recognition through multiple tours, festival appearances and chart topping singles, Luke is showing no signs of giving up. 


The two time SCC songwriting competition winner has gained support from industry stalwarts such as Luke Concannon of Nizlopi fame, with whom he has forged a supportive relationship as a friend and mentee. Luke’s music which has seen him work with highly renowned producers such as Declan Legge, Gavin Doyle and jaako, has been featured extensively on national radio and television. Whilst each of his releases have also received critical acclaim from music bloggers and journalists all over the world.


Coming from the working class area of Tallaght in Dublin, Luke wears his heart and his hometown on his sleeve, using his music to not only escape his own struggles with mental health, but to also help others with theirs. The current North Clondalkin Library Musician in Residence has just finished recording his ‘Live From The Library’ EP which will be released on February 24th. This release will mark the beginning of a new journey for Luke’s music, showing his songs in their purest form, vulnerabilities and imperfections included.


   M U S I C


P R E S S  Q U O T E S

'Clerkin has a knack for catchy lyrics, using endlessly relatable themes and uplifting vocal tones' 
- Hot Press

‘Clerkin displays his ability to present sweet melodies and heartfelt songwriting through a lush blend of genres’ – Indie Buddie

‘Clerkin has transformed my playlist from conventional to extraordinary’ – Otherside Reviews



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